Después de 3 años en alfa MOC (un reproductor de audio muy liviano) se actualiza y ahora esta en Beta. Y se espera que la versión 2.5 final este disponible pronto.

Los cambios mas importante son:

  • Autotools and packaging changes,
  • Improved support for embedded systems,
  • New and changed audio driver capabilities,
  • New and changed audio decoders,
  • Overhaul of the FFmpeg/LibAV decoder,
  • New and improved audio reproduction features and fixes,
  • General configuration file changes,
  • New and changed configuration file options,
  • New command line options,
  • Screen handling changes and fixes,
  • New and updated client interaction features,
  • Improved text entry history and editting,
  • Theme changes and fixes,
  • General code cleaning,
  • Significant bugs fixed, and
  • Many miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

Pagina Oficial: Moc player